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Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds
By Cynthia Gabriel        
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"As a doula, Cynthia Gabriel is uniquely positioned to
understand what works and what does not work in
—Julia Seng, PhD, CNM, RN, and Mickey
Sperlich, MA, CPM, author of Survivor Moms

There is no good reason that women in North America
should not be able to have a natural birth in a hospital. She
shows expectant mothers what they can do to avoid
unnecessary medical interventions, how to take initiative,
and how to consciously prepare for the kind of birth they
want to have.

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Felix Paulick, MSW, MBA
Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

We help men and women create happier lives
and better relationships.

Would you like to:

Live your life with more passion and joy?
Create more fulfilling and satisfying relationships?
Learn how to become a more loving and caring parent?

We would like to offer
our services as guides on
your journey.
An Introduction to Men's Work
by Felix Paulick

Many men tell me that something is missing in their lives. They seem to feel chronically unhappy
with one or more parts of their lives. Men's work can help.

Read the article.
Breakthrough Intensives for Couples

Is your relationship in crisis? Have you or your partner recently discovered an affair? Are emotions
and fighting escalating in your relationship? Do you rarely speak to your partner? Do you feel
hopeless and find yourself thinking about a divorce?

We offer Breakthrough Intensives to help couples move through strong emotions and discover a
path of healing and forgiveness. Call Felix today at (734) 883-8701 and start fighting for your
Our Approach to Couples Therapy

Our approach to couples therapy combines the approaches of best-selling authors and family
therapists Harville Hendrix and Terrence Real.

Hendrix is the founder of I
mago Relationship Therapy and the author of "Getting the Love You Want."
Imago Relationship Therapy addresses the root causes of relationship problems and provides a
simple and practical approach to creating better relationships.

Real coined the term “Relational Recovery” to define the healing process that must take place in our

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Men's Group

Are you struggling in your relationship with your partner, in your role as a father, or in finding joy and
satisfaction in your work? Do you find yourself withdrawing, feeling depressed or anxious, or
escaping into work, surfing the web, or other addictive behaviors?

You are not alone! Many men in our society have not been taught healthy ways of dealing with stress
and expressing emotions. Men’s Group is a safe place to start talking about it and learn new skills.

Learn more.
Postpartum Depression in Men

Felix was recently interviewed by Jaleh from on the topic of postpartum depression in
men. Click
here to read the article.
The 6 Secrets of Successful Relationships

Do you feel dissatisfied with your relationship? Are you and your partner frequently
fighting or do you live in cold silence? Would things be better if your partner just
listened to you or gave you the things that you have been asking for?

Secret #2 states that if you are struggling in your relationship then you are exactly
where you are supposed to be!


Learn how
The 6 Secrets of Successful Relationships can create lasting change.