About Us

Growing Together is a Life Learning Center that offers psychotherapy and life coaching services.
We help men and women create happier lives and better relationships. Our approach includes the
mind, body, and spirit. We integrate different therapeutic modalities, including Gestalt and
body-centered therapy, mindfulness, and relationship coaching to meet your unique needs.

Our psychotherapy practice is focused on treating depression, anxiety, addiction, and relationship
issues. Areas of expertise include couples therapy, men's work, sexual health, postpartum
depression, and trauma recovery. We offer life coaching services in the areas of personal growth,
relationships, parenting, and childbirth.

Who We Are
Felix Paulick, MSW, MBA

Felix is a psychotherapist and relationship coach. He received
his clinical training  in treating depression, anxiety, and
addiction at the University of Michigan Depression Center and
University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services (UMATS).
He has also completed a two year training program in Gestalt
Theory and Methodology at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. He is
a member of the Mankind Project and the National Association
of Social Workers (NASW).

Prior to becoming a therapist and coach, Felix earned his MBA
from the University of Michigan and spent ten years working in
marketing and sales. He was the Director of Internet Ticketing  
for Major League Baseball, and also worked for the San
Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, and Detroit Tigers.
Cia Gabriel, PhD

Cia is a life coach, doula, and author. She is currently writing a
book about natural birth and has a Ph.D. in medical
anthropology from the University of California. She has
attended over 85 births as a doula or midwifery apprentice.  
Cynthia's favorite moments are when she taps into greater
strength than she is aware of possessing. She has found
pregnancy, childbirth, art and creative writing to be powerful
mediums for women to get in touch with their dreams and
Growing Together
Life Learning Center





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