"Mother Earth Birth" Doula Services

Cia specializes in helping women and their partners prepare for and create the birth experience that
they want. She is the author of "Best of Both Worlds: Natural Birth in a Hospital." She has attended
nearly 100 births across the globe.

Birth Doula

My experiences as a doula have included vaginal twin births, vaginal breech birth, homebirths and
attendance in the room of C-Sections (planned and emergency). Birth doula package includes 2
postpartum visits and extensive phone availability/support.

Birth doula package includes 2 postpartum visits and extensive phone availability/support.

Post Partum Doula

Around Day 4 after giving birth, most women need to tell their birth story and also have a good cry. I
have been there for dozens of women and I consider it an honor. I love the tears and the joy of new
motherhood. As a postpartum doula, I support new mothers in any way that is needed, from
breastfeeding to laundry. I have extensive experience as a postpartum doula, including working with
women recovering from C-Section and women who have had breast reductions or augmentations.

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Felix Paulick and
Cia Gabriel
Our Beliefs about Childbirth

We believe that

pregnancy and birth are natural, normal processes
pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life that invites self-reflection and transformation
a pregnant woman’s partner can also transform through participation in this
procreative process
pregnancy and birth flow most smoothly when our emotions, rational minds and
spiritual selves are aligned
the challenges we encounter in childbearing and birth are exactly what we need in
order to grow
giving birth teaches us lessons that enhance our whole lives
that women and men need exceptional nurturance from their families and
communities during their childbearing years
that birth invites us to connect inwardly with ourselves and outwardly with our
families and communities

We cultivates self-acceptance, self-awareness and growth in families. We offer a nurturing
environment in which women and men can become the best parents they can be.

For most of us, that means learning how to let go of the past. It means making conscious
choices rather than reactive choices. It means accepting ourselves so that we can offer
unconditional love to our children. And it means facing our fears – starting with our
unconscious and conscious fears around pregnancy and birth -- rather than running away
from them.

The "Facts" of Life

What does a birthing woman need to learn?

Birth is far more than a physical event.  Physically speaking, there is little reason that any of
us need to prepare for birth.  Our bodies know exactly what to do.  But emotionally,
psychologically, intellectually and spiritually we can do a lot to prepare ourselves. Birthing
women in North America have a cornucopia of options available to them.  We focus on
helping you prepare for parenthood and for the birth experience that YOU WANT.

Why do we put such an emphasis on working with whole families?

Parenting and the birth experience are about creating family. Everyone within the family is
transformed by the addition of a new member… even just by the thought of adding a new

Partners of women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant are involved in an
emotional, psychological experience of their own.  Just as the birthing woman needs to
prepare for labor as not just a physical act, so too does the partner.  Watching a baby being
born is a profound experience for everyone present.  The better prepared everyone in the
room is for the many levels of feelings and thoughts that occur, the more peaceful and
wonderful the birth experience can be.

During labor, it will be the partner who must thoroughly understand what the birthing woman
wants and make sure that it happens – because she is usually NOT able to do it for herself
in the 60 seconds between contractions.