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Felix Paulick and
Cia Gabriel
Men's Group

Time: Wednesdays 6:15-7:30pm
Felix Paulick

Group Description

Are you struggling in your relationship with your partner, in your role as a father, or in finding joy and
satisfaction in your work? Do you find yourself withdrawing, feeling depressed or anxious, or
escaping into work, surfing the web, or other addictive behaviors?

You are not alone! Many men in our society have not been taught healthy ways of dealing with
stress and expressing emotions. Men’s Group is a safe place to start talking about it and learn
new skills.

Men in our society have been conditioned to “look out for ourselves”, and “go it alone”. In Men’s
Group we can explore the results we are getting in our lives and seek new ways of connecting with
other men that bring different results.

What are men are saying about the group?

“The group has been a powerful vehicle for personal change in my life.  I grow through my
interactions with the other men, both by sharing my life experiences and hearing theirs.  I have
formed a lasting bond with the men I have met and have become eager to spend more time with

"My time in the men's group has helped me gain some much-needed perspective. It is valuable
because of the opportunities it gives me to test things out. By trying new attitudes and examining
old ones, I was able to move forward with my emotional life. If you feel like you're stuck feeling a
certain way, the group can help to show you the reasons why."

“This group has helped me face and start to deal with some of the big issues that ha ve been
holding me back in my relationships and in my work. I have really connected with the other men in
the group and every week I leave feeling revitalized.”

What is the purpose of the group?

The purpose of the group is two-fold. The first is to build friendship, connection, and support.
The second is to increase self-awareness and search for passion, joy, and purpose in our lives.
Many men have not identified their life purpose and feel lost in their responsibilities to family, debt
and often meaningless careers. Through authentic sharing with other men we can get clear
feedback on how we are leading our lives and support for where we want to go.

What is unique about this group?

You will be challenged to:

find your life purpose
make choices about what you are truly committed to in your life
live passionately

You will be supported and asked to support others.

Is this group right for me?

Yes! The most common reaction of men, who attend Men’s Group for the first time is, “I am struck by how similar we all are. I thought that I was different, but I am not.”

If you have additional questions or would like to register please contact us.