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Felix Paulick and
Cia Gabriel
Men's Sexuality Group Therapy

Time: Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30pm weekly
Location: Downtown Royal Oak
Felix Paulick

Group Description

This therapy group is designed to help men increase awareness of how their sexuality developed
and how best to integrate it with a healthy, fulfilling life. It will help men resolve sexual behaviors
that are interfering in their lives.

The issues we examine and help solve include:

  • Examining the negative effects of unresolved family-of-origin issues in childhood, which
    currently are interfering in one's adult life.
  • Pornography use and Internet cybersex
  • Past and present abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, emotional) and other traumas that make
    men ashamed of their sexuality.
  • Misconceptions about sexual behavior and bad role models that can damage or even ruin
    your intimate relationships.

You are appropriate for this group, if:

  • Behave in sexually compulsive ways and have unsuccessfully tried to stop.
  • Have ever suffered overt or covert sexual abuse in childhood and adulthood (such as rape
    and/or inappropriate sexual behaviors and/or harassment from others).
  • Feel driven to seek out new sexual partners.
  • Are recovering from any other addictions (such as alcohol, drugs, or gambling).
  • Experience sadness and anxiety about Sexually Transmitted Diseases, (STD's). infidelity,
    bisexuality, or any other sexual issue.
  • Want to increase your sexual confidence and  self-esteem, and integrate your sex life into
    your life as a whole.

In group, there is talking, crying, laughing, and learning to become not just comfortable with men's
sexuality, but proud of it. To do so, we must identify-and modify-any behaviors or attitudes that steer
men away from joyous, loving relationships which are also sexually gratifying.

Sexual Addiction/compulsion are behaviors that are rarely about sex, but rather about early
childhood trauma. Often it is based in childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse or neglect.
The individual is usually terrified of adult intimacy and uses the sexual acting out (SAO) behaviors
as a way to avoid it unconsciously. Therapists often misdiagnose this disorder because of the
stigma attached to sexual behaviors.

Viewing the sexual behaviors as windows to the client's past trauma can be very helpful in
successfully treating the individual. This requires the therapist and client to be comfortable with
talking about and listening to the SAO behaviors without judgment.

We invite you to join us—and be surprised at how other men in all walks of life are grappling with
the same challenges!

If you decide to join, a six-month commitment is required. We would need to meet for an initial
evaluation to establish if you are right for the group and if the group is right for you.

If you have additional questions or would like to join the group please contact us.