Relationship Coaching
Our approach to relationship coaching is based on the work of best-selling author and family
therapist Terrence Real. Real coined the term “Relational Recovery” to define the healing process
that must take place in our relationships.

    Relational Recovery provides men and women the insight and tools to recover the state of
    wholeness and connectedness that is each person's birthright. Each individual comes onto
    this planet innately wired for authenticity and closeness. The voices of girls and the hearts of
    boys are damaged from the traditional roles of manhood and womanhood. We live in an anti-
    relational, vulnerability-averse culture. Our aim is to help each person move beyond
    traditional gender scripts so that women reclaim power and men reclaim openheartedness.

    - Relational Life Institute web site

Many traditional therapists and coaches do not address the historical divide between the sexes.  At
Growing Together we show you a new approach to relationships and teach a practical set of skills.
We give women the tools of relational empowerment and men the tools of relational reawakening.
Women need support to be lovingly assertive and men to open up and show up. We believe that
women learn these skills best from other women who model them and, likewise, men learn best
from other men. That’s why we offer a
Men’s Group and a Women’s Group. Individual and couples
coaching complements the experience of the groups.

Growing Together Relationship Coaching will help you if

  • you are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve existing problems
  • you have lost the thrill and excitement that you desire in your relationship
  • you are near breakup or divorce and want to decide if the relationship can be saved
  • your past relationships have not worked out and you want to learn new skills
  • you want turn a good relationship into a great relationship

You will learn…

  • more patience, understanding, and compassion for yourself and your partner
  • how to create passion, joy, romance, and intimacy
  • how to communicate your needs clearly and ask for support to get your needs met
  • how to make choices and take responsibility for your feelings and actions

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"From conception onward, our lives are about relationship.
Relationship is who we are and what we do."

- Gay Hendricks
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